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Ela was founded General Trading and Contracting in 1965 before. The exercises trade medium and large general contracting activities And that by its founder, the late first, God willing, Abdul Rahman Al-Fayez's father Dr. Essam Abdel-Rahman al-Fayez. The company has implemented a number of pre-1980 Projects of large and medium-sized projects, including owned To the General Authority for

Housing Welfare, a low-income housing in Hasawi area and Algeleb .ccant company then carried out all kinds of activities Private construction. It is then Dr. Essam Al-Fayez, the company develops and enter The many activities, including diamonds and other gemstones and gold trade The trade Pharmaceutical and Medical Apparatuses and clinics specialist - has also been The Acharkhvy era Dr. Essam Al-Fayez, the implementation of many projects And residential development, particularly in the investment sector, where housing has The company more than 15 residential buildings scattered in several areas in the state The introduction of clean cities and guard, import and export activities. Kuwait. And Cairo, Alexandria and other areas.

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